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Loved my round pet bed from the first sight! My cat loved it even more, huge thanks!

Sarah H.

Awesome brand. Really stands out from competition because they actually care. Quality products as well! 

Rebecca T.

Superb customer service. That's how every shop should handle their customers - with respect and quickness. Thanks Dave, you were great.

John G.

I have 3 small dogs and 2 small cats. They ALL love their deep sleep calming beds. As soon as one of them gets up, one of the other pets jump right in. I have to buy more pillows

Paula J.

The bed is so soft and cushy that I wish they made one that I could curl up in! It is a hit with my kitties. They were not sure of it at first, but after I put them in a couple of times, they love it. I will be ordering another.

Barbara K.

I bought a size small for my two cats (both fully grown). Prince absolutely loves it and is rarely out of it. Great substitute for having them both sleeping on my head at night - would fully recommend! Thank you Pet Boutique Co. 

Lora T.

My puppy Sasha loves the bed. She will not let anyone touch it or move it. And sleeps deeply in it. 

Anna M.